Skeleton Sites

By Playaz Design

Beautiful, Professional Websites,
without the pricetag.

What is Skeleton Sites?

We have taken the best parts of Bespoke Web Design and combined it with best parts of Template Web Design. To create a bespoke website whilst using a template, or “Skeleton” as our starting point to keep cost at a bare minimum to our customers.

The process is quick, and very simple. Just have a look at these websites and let us know which you like the look of.

We will then take that "Skeleton" and modify it to suit your companies individual needs and make it your very own.

View our latest creations ready to be yours!

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Recent Testimonials

Skeleton sites is great, everything that I needed for my website all on one page. Updates made often and when I ask for things to be changed on it, it is done well and and as requested. Would recommend to anyone! Great service.

Stacey Bradley

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First class very professional get exactly what u ask for.

Les Brown

Would you recommend us?: Yes

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