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  • Are there any contracts or ties involved

    Absolutely not all of these websites have no contract or obligation to stay with us which is what makes them superior to any other cheaper alternative. These cheaper alternatives usually come with some kind of yearly contract or subscription. With skeleton websites if for any reason you decide you aren't happy, you leave us it's as simple as that. We like to think that this also shows you how confident we are in our product and how happy you will be using skeleton websites for your business. Not only that don't forget whilst you are with skeleton websites you have a dedicated web designer on board as well at a fraction of the cost an advertising agency would charge.

  • Are your sites only for certain trades

    Most definitely not all of our websites are completely modifiable in order to make them best suit your company or trade. When you look at these websites remember the only thing that stays as is, is the layout of the site.

    All colours, fonts and images are changed to reflect your company’s image and business sector If you wish to see a couple of sites built from these using the same skeleton just get in touch and we will happily show to you how these websites can differ from one another.

  • Will these sites display on all devices

    These websites are built using the latest HTML and CSS with a fully fluid layout. This means all devices are fully catered for.

    Just try them out for yourself. Visit our various skeleton web sites on your mobile, tablet or laptop and see how they look on each device.

  • Can I add/remove sections/pages

    Of course you can, These websites serve purely as a base.

    removing or duplicating sections is absolutely fine. Removing pages from multiple page websites is also fine, the only exception being the addition of pages.

    Adding pages is chargeable but again, just get in touch and ask us of the work involved to get the website exactly as you require.

  • Monthly Hosting/Maintenance - Do I need it. What is it. What is the Elite Package

    One thing that all websites need is hosting. Basically a website is a big bunch of files containing code and images etc.. This code needs to be accessed any time someone wants to view your website. So these files need to be accessible on a server throughout the day. So basically hosting is the saving of your files readily available on a server 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    We are proud to provide you with UK based servers something that a lot of hosting providers don't supply. UK based servers means better search engine performance along with faster website loading times.

    Using our own web servers also allows for a faster website set-up in turn keeping our prices to a minimum. And so, all skeleton websites must be, and are, hosted through our own servers.

  • Will these sites rank in google

    Technically everything on the Internet is indexed by Google and therefore everything is listed in search engines. If you have read up on Google search rankings you will understand that there are a large number of factors that determine how well your website will do in search engines.

    The actual copy on the website plays a huge part in its search engine presence. But another factor that does play a part is how the website is coded. Being built by an experienced web designer means that all our skeleton sites are coded professionally with all alt tags and title tags fully populated and accessible to give your website the best presence it can achieve in search engines as far as the code goes.

  • Why are these websites so cheap

    If you have been in the market for a website for a while you will find that bespoke website design can be really really expensive. And so these websites on the other hand will probably come across as almost too good to be true prices.

    The reason bespoke websites are so expensive is because the layout is completely tailored to suit that particular company and is designed from the pencil to the finished website taking months to create sometimes.

    Our web designer whilst building various bespoke projects came across quite an interesting fact. That fact is, that a huge amount of websites follow more or less the same structure, or skeleton. And so with that in mind instead of Making £500 out of one client for a bespoke website. The same amount of money can be made by selling the same design website to 10 clients for £50. Helping the smaller companies who can't afford large scale bespoke website design yet still providing the exact same quality they would get, should they have only had the option of getting a bespoke website created.

    In our opinion this is a great idea for Companies on tighter budgets and start-up businesses.

  • Do I need to own a domain name

    Any website needs a domain name. We are happy to purchase and manage your domain name for you on your behalf. This also makes our job a lot simpler. But we have had clients who have already purchased their domain name and so just need our website and hosting services.

    Either is fine by us. If you already have your domain name no problem just get in touch if you want us to purchase and manage your domain name for you again not a problem, just let us know either way.

  • Can I have my own Email Address with these websites

    Yes you can again not a problem. However we must note that we do not supply email hosting ourselves for various reasons such as email security and email backup.

    If you already have purchased an email address with your domain and are actively using your email address currently then you can leave that as it is and we can host your website whilst your domain/email provider hosts your email account. We will at some point however need your login details to your domain/email provider in order to change some settings 2 point your domain at our host.

    If you are not in possession of your domain or don't have your email setup yet then we can set you a Google email address up to manage your email. Following this, we will then integrate your @domain email address into your Google account for you to send/receive emails from your own personal email address.

  • Can I update my website myself

    We prefer not to give access of the main copy to our clients. This isn't because we are selfish and want to keep the glory to ourselves. It is purely because we have seen a number of cases where clients can accidentally break websites creating more work to fix the site than it would have taken to have done the update on behalf of the client.

    Small updates such as the odd word, paragraph, image change we most likely won't charge for anyway because we are such nice people. If you view our rates for updates you will also find that we are incredibly cheap for larger scale alterations as well.

    Doing it this way keeps the site from any downtime along with ensuring all updates are maintaining an optimum search engine performance.

  • Can you supply anything else I might not have, Logo’s etc.

    We can supply anything you would need from logo design, banner design to stock imagery etc..

    Just another one of the plus points from using web designers over DIY website creators means you have access to all of these great benefits.

    Whilst supplying a great bespoke logo creation package over at our sister website Playaz design. We have been known to knock up quick logos completely free of charge time allowing.

  • Can I upgrade my site should I need to add more services

    This is not a problem at all and is yet another benefit of using these websites. Should your business start heading in the right direction and you had only purchased a smaller skeleton for starting out. You are completely free to upgrade your website adding pages as and when required.

  • How long does it take to get my website created

    This can be very dependent on the current demand for our templates websites along with communication on your part.

    But to give you a ballpark time estimate, these websites currently take around two to four weeks from start to live date depending on the size of the website you are having built.

    This is incredibly fast compared to bespoke website design and proves to be yet another benefit to choosing skeleton websites as your website design and host solution.

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