Our Skeleton Sites Pricing

Simple, and affordable.

“ I'm interested! How much is one of these website templates going to cost me? ”

These website skeletons really are the best value for money websites out there! Our web design prices start from as little as £29 for a 5 page brochure website and for the setup of a develpoment server through to the customisation/creation of your site.

Once the site is finished and ready to go live, you will need to have your website hosted and maintained by us. Our monthly maintenance fee starts at just £9.99 per month for the hosting of your website.

Basic Host and Maintain:
£9.99 per month

Up to 1 month free of charge!*

Ideal for any business just starting up or running on the strictest of budgets...

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Basic Host and Maintain

The minimum requirement for hosting your template website. This price covers the monthly hosting and maitenance of your website with any alterations or updates charged out seperately.
This website hosting plan is ideal for companies who don't think they will be needing many, if any, updates to the copy on their website, or have just started out and are dipping their toes in the pool of web advertising.

Elite Host and Maintain:
£39.99 per month

Up to 1 month free of charge!*

The Ultimate Maintenance Package for the Serious Web Advertiser

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Elite Host and Maintain

This website package is for those that really need the best web presence they can get. In addition to the benefits of "host and maintain" anyone who understands SEO will tell you, a good search engine presence comes from trial and error with constant reviews and updates of your sites copy. This package therefore benefits from the installation of google Analytics combined with an in-depth quarterly review spent looking at your websites current search engine presence, traffic and keyword performance, along with any other suggestions we can make in order to push your website in the right direction looking to constantly improve traffic from the right sources. If your budget can allow this plan, and you are serious about your website building traffic, creating leads and being the best it can be, then this is definitely the hosting plan for you.

Any additional updates are charged at £20 for the first hour (minimum) followed by £10 per half hour. All work requested will be estimated then quoted before undertaken if the designer believes the work involved will exceed your monthly allowance.

*All hosting is provided through the set up of a direct debit. This is due to be collected on the 26th of each month. When you sign up to the Direct Debit, we will instantly put your website live, giving you however long up until your first bill date (26th) free of charge.

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