Why Choose These Website Templates?

We give the best of both worlds...

There are two main approaches to getting a website created, Bespoke design, and using DIY website templates. Skeleton sites takes the best bits from both to bring this service.


Bespoke is a great way to approach getting your website built, being taylor made to your every need. However, these sites tend to be expensive. They can take around a month to build, from scratch, using a dedicated web designer. Generally, for a static, brochure style website, you would be looking in the region of £500 - £800 for the build alone, for start-up businesses and smaller companies starting out with web advertising, this kind of figure can be pretty frightening. These companies then look to cheaper alternatives, usually in the form of DIY websites.

You may have seen a few big names advertised on Television for website building packages, ultra cheap - and they seem a great idea. Only however, if you aren't too serious about your companies future. Here's a few reasons how our Skeleton Sites Website templates differ, and more importantly - for the better.

You are NOT a number with us.

With large website template companies, comes large client bases, if you sign up to one of these companies, you might be customer number 2849367. Not much good if you need urgent attention to your website. If you were to have a problem with your site created and maintained by us, when you contact us, you contact the website designer, direct.

Future proofing.

What if something big is around the corner? Web design approach and techniques have changed so much in the past year, never mind the past five years. If something cool comes out in the next few months that people are starting to use in their website builds, how would you incorporate it into your site? If your site is maintained and developed by your very own web designer/developer then you have an instant contact to find out more info and be guided through what may be needed to implement it into your own.

Upgradeability and Growing your Business.

So, your company got BIG!! After all, this is what we are all after, surely? But you built your site with a DIY website builder you saw on TV. Now you are ready for a professional site with all the trimmings. There is a big problem, you cant have your domain name you worked so hard to get recognised?! A little trick a lot of these companies have, is once you have registered with them you are stuck with them. They let you register your www. address through them, then work hard to build up a reputation, but if you want to leave, you are gonna need to change that www address and reputation you worked so hard to build.


These larger DIY websites have started to claim that they now offer SEO with their templates. This is literally impossible if the person putting the site together (the client) doesn’t understand what makes for good SEO? Ask yourself this, Do you know what metadata is? Title tags? Alt Tags? Linkjuice? if you do know what these terms mean, then you are a web designer and so you don't need to be using a web building tool. But we would guess at this stage you don't. And so could do with someone who does know what these mean putting your website together.

Third Party Product Integration.

There are loads of cool companies out there creating plug-ins for sites. What if you wanted to add a LIVE CHAT, to your website. Or you wanted to allow Facebook comments to a page? The amount of plug-ins available are endless. With DIY sites, they are limited at best.

Customer Service and Response Time.

What if something breaks on your website? They do! sometimes. Third parties can change something in there code (twitter for example did this a while ago, bringing down everyones twitter feeds, fed through their sites) if you don't fancy being sat months until someone is free to sort this for you, then you are better off not using a DIY website product.

The above are just to mention a few things that are potential pitfalls for anyone choosing to build their own "DIY Website". If you are serious about your companies website, take it from us - you need to avoid these building tools at all costs. If you have any other questions, just drop us an email and we will be more than happy to offer any advice you require.

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